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Privacy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy and Cookie Policy explains how we, Antidi Limited (trading as IAsquare), use personal information we collect and how you can limit our use of that personal data.

1. What information do we gather?
We collect information that does not identify you, in order to evaluate our site and ensure that it runs properly. We might also collect your IP address through the placement of cookies.

2. How do we gather information?
Information is gathered automatically every time you visit our website via the placement of small files of text on your computer, called cookies (see section 4).

3. How we use your information
We might use your information to:
(1) remember you when you visit our website and track your browsing patterns by using cookies.
(2) place your anonymised information into audience segments to identify your interests
(3) ensure materials on the website or in apps are presented in the most effective manner for you and your computer or mobile device;
(4) collate and log numeric internet addresses to improve the website and to monitor website usage;

4. Cookies
A cookie is a small piece of information that is placed on your computer when you visit certain websites. You can find out more about the use of cookies on
We use analytics cookies that anonymously remember your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. They keep track of browsing patterns and build up a profile of how our visitors use our website. We have no access to third party cookies.

5. Managing your cookies preferences
Most browsers allow you to turn off cookies. To do this look at the “help” menu on your browser. Switching off cookies may restrict your use of the website and/or affect the way in which it operates.

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